Great Launch

K22 off-road bike with Rhine 29 and ultra dynamic design

Off-road bikes

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Great launch

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Electric Mobility

Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly means of transport

Electric Mobility

We offer a portfolio as a solution to mobility thinking in the environment and people's economy

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Since 2014, we offer products with the purpose of positively impacting people, animals and the environment. We like design and innovation linked to our proposal, working hand in hand with our strategic business partners.

We have a national network of service centers, we offer a twelve-month warranty and guarantee items such as the frame, fork, cables, pedals, stem and wear parts. This guarantee excludes the misuse of the product law 1480 of 2011.

We intercept with the users of our SUEH community, through our digital platforms and social networks.


We have WhatsApp, Call Center and digital lines


The components of our products are made with the best quality


We have a line during office hours

Satisfied customers


Folding bicycle
Electric skateboard
Electric Bicycle
K11 folding all-terrain
All terrain K33
Freego Pro V2 Electric Skateboard
K11 bike

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